Unlike any other town of its size in the Pacific Northwest, Pendleton, Oregon has managed to maintain its independent wild west attitude while also embracing the new digital economy with gusto.

As both the home of the nationally- significant Pendleton Round-Up and a top-ranking commercial drone testing and development site, Pendleton enjoys an international cachet in more ways than one.

The city's economic development efforts are attracting and empowering a new generation of innovators, strategic investments in the highly successful commercial drone test range at the regional airport.   


The city-owned, Pendleton Unmanned Aerial Systems Test Range (PUR) proudly hosts and empowers high school dreamers and global corporations alike. 


Unmanned aviation pioneers like Airbus, Cubic ISR Systems, PAE ISR, PNNL, and Yamaha are flying high with more in the unmanned industry coming, attracted to Pendleton's open skies, fair weather, modern facilities, and business-friendly demeanor. 

Aside from unmanned aviation, other industries are thriving in Pendleton.  Cayuse Technologies, an innovative business process outsourcing and data services center, is owned and operated by CTUIR, the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. 


Specialty food packaging plants, a top-selling brand RV manufacturer, and the world-famous Pendleton Woolen Mills all ship their goods far and wide from Pendleton, Oregon.  

A state-of-the-art hospital and laboratory testing facility sets the medical bar for the region rather high.  Many significant brands and institutions not only call Pendleton home, but also say it's where they achieve their best. 

From its welcoming spirit, high-tech infrastructure and affordable capacity for growth, Pendleton operates on a platform that combines all three - community, strategy and opportunity.

There is more than meets the eye in Pendleton; it's a special place where historic firsts still happen on a regular basis. 

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A strong and historic entrepreneurial spirit is shared throughout Pendleton, and is a part of the overall western flavor that the town wears on its sleeve. 


Locals enjoy a myriad of entertainment, recreation and social opportunities in a community that packs its calendar full of activities that attract regional, national and international visitors.


For over a century Pendleton has welcomed visitors from around the world as a place where business and fun mix nicely.   


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Pat Beard, Director

Pend. Convention Center


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The city's approach to growth combines financial investments into new and existing community assets with strong public-private partnerships in select strategic industries.  


As access to new transformative technologies has rapidly increased, Pendleton has developed a "Historic Town with a High Tech Future" mindset.


Today, several years into this strategy, new high-tech businesses are opening and growing in Pendleton.


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Steve Chrisman, Director

Pendleton Economic Dev.


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In Pendleton, business opportunity is created intentionally whenever possible through coordinated action by a city-wide team of economic stakeholders.


Creating and sharing commerce opportunities is daily work for several city departments, civic clubs and associations.  


The 125-year-old local Chamber of Commerce is a driving force behind Pendleton's continued success as a regional commercial center. 


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Velda Arnaud, Dept. Chair BMCC Business Admin 


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