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We've got a plan.

The Pendleton economic development strategy calls for the city to promote three key areas of progress: 1) cutting-edge technology training and digital workforce development; 2) strategic and creative investments in high-return industrial projects; and 3) the promotion of the commercial unmanned aerospace sector's growth at the Pendleton Airport Industrial Park. 

Through tech-focused academics and city programs that specifically target student development, Pendleton is continually improving the skills and qualifications of its already talented workforce. 

Pendleton High School recently expanded to include a state-of-the-art culinary program and aerospace engineering curriculum, jointly referred to as P-Tech.


Planning for success.

Sister-city and study abroad opportunities ensure that students experience a variety of other cultures, and are equipped to embrace a diverse world with confidence.

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STEM leads the way.

Looking to the future, Pendleton has invested significant resources into a strong robotics program for local students.  

Robotic teams at all grade levels have consistently excelled in state and regional competitions.  Guided work sessions for high school bot builders are common practice at the test range, where they have access to 3D printers and volunteer engineers.





Blue Mountain Community College (BMCC), which attracts students from all over the US, has also grown its campus with the recently-opened FARM - Facility for Agriculture Resource Management, and is in planning for FARM 2, a livestock science facility in cooperation with the city and the Pendleton Round-Up.

​Pendleton is also the crossroads for some very big data.  Because the city hosts a major fiber optic hub, the community enjoys the fastest and lowest cost commercial and residential internet connectivity in the western US.

Compared to the average Oregon internet subscriber, who typically gets 15 Mbps, Pendleton homes and businesses with fiber optic service receive speeds of an unheard of +500 Mbps. 


Supercharged internet backbone.

Over the last five years the city has made a series of strategic land expenditures and public benefit agreements that have resulted in comparable outside investments.  


The Round-Up campus has plans to expand to house a hotel and extra event space, and there are over 500 acres of buildable land around the Eastern Oregon Regional Airport.  The surge of activity at the airport, specifically the unmanned test range, has prompted the city to invest in new infrastructure to house the influx of drone developers.  

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We're making things happen.

Fifteen test pads have been installed, complete with power, water, and dark fiber.  A multi-purpose hangar was completed in June of 2017, and plans to build more are in the works.   

WWII hangars are getting remodeled for modern use, and other key public/private joint ventures are underway.   The city of Pendleton has breathed new life into its airport industrial sector, and the economy as a whole is reaping the rewards.  

Unlocking the future.

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The West was won with partnerships.  Today is no different.  Teamwork still makes the dream work every day.


Our multi-agency team of business development pros, many of whom are volunteers, are ready to help you with all aspects of researching or establishing a new commercial venture in Pendleton. 


If your traded sector business requires state incentives or help with developing new markets both foreign and domestic, Business Oregon may be able to help you.


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Melisa Drugge, Lead RDO

Business Oregon 

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There's a lot of exciting property developments around Pendleton but still plenty of opportunities and bargains to be found. 


The new River Parkway neighborhood is starting to heat up on both sides of the river and spec houses all over town are getting snapped up as soon as they get started.


The Airport Industrial Park is seeing lots of activity with all of the new aerospace companies, driving both updates to legacy hangar facilities and the construction of new ones. 


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MIke Short, President

Round-Up City Dev. Corp.

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Pendleton is rapidly becoming the hub for commercial unmanned aerial vehicles to be designed, built and flight tested. 


The "drone boom" is bringing many high-paying technology careers and new taxpaying businesses to the community.  Interested in learning more about the opportunities being created?


Visit the Pendleton UAS Test Range Facebook page or website to learn more about what is happening with innovation and aerospace up at the airport.

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Darryl Abling, Director

Pendleton UAS Test Range